RSNA Global Learning Centers: Host Center Application

Application must be completed in English for consideration

1. Host Institution Information:
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State/Province *
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2. Identify a Program Director for this institution. This person must be the main point of contact for RSNA throughout the three-year program period (English speaking). The Program Director will help to assess the needs of their radiology department, assist the RSNA team in developing a customized educational plan and will determine who participates in the program from the host center.
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3. Briefly Describe the Radiology Department
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Number of faculty who work to teach the Trainees/Residents *

Type of Degree or Diploma Granted *

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Official Language *

Please note that this program will be conducted in English

4. Radiology Department Information:
Approximate number of radiologic examinations/procedures per year *

Type of procedures performed (check all that apply) *


Intravenous Pyelogram (IVP)

Barium Enema


Upper GI




Number of Ultrasound Units

Type of Ultrasound Units

Computed Tomography (CT)

Number of CT Units

Type of CT Units

Magnetic Resonance (MR)

Number of MR Units

Type of MR Units


Number of Angiography Units

Type of Angiography Units

Nuclear Medicine

Number of Nuclear Medicine Units

Type of Nuclear Medicine Units


5. Availability of Learning Resources/Equipment Checklist (check all that apply) *
Internet Access

Technology Support

Dedicated space for the creation of a virtual classroom onsite

Basic Classroom accommodations (furniture, ect...)


6. How would this institution benefit from partnering with RSNA to create a Global Learning Center?
Describe the needs of the institution (education and resources/equipment).
What are the current goals of the center?
Are there certain diseases/conditions this center would like to address?
List 2-3 subspecialties in which you would require more training
What format of learning would be preferred?
7. Qualifications and Expectations of the RSNA team:
Provide specific needs, including subspecialties and expectations for the RSNA team. *
8. Technology/ Artificial Intelligence
Explain how your radiology department is using advanced technology (i.e. PACS system, informatics, artificial intelligence).
9. Other Information:
Please provide any other information that would be of assistance to the Committee on International Radiology and Education (CIRE) in evaluating your application